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about us

organic is just food as it's meant to be, nourishment for our bodies

The Nourished Pantry is a small family business inspired by our love for food and our passion to eat as nature intended, food that nurtures our bodies as well as thrilling our taste buds! 

real food tastes so much better

Who ever said I'm craving some Erythrosine; or that was delicious Azodicarbonamide; or wow the flavour of the Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone was amazing? Nobody said that - ever!  Acesulfame potassium, Butane and Propylene Glycol don't sound very enticing either! These are just some of a huge list of 'ingredients' that are in food and are NOT food.

"Eat food, not foodlike products,' is something we truly believe and live by. And stocking your pantry with wholefoods and 'real' ingredients is key. 

Thank you for shopping at The Nourished Pantry.

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