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This is a homeopathic product used for the temporary relief of Uncontrollable leg movement, night twitches, jerking limbs, growing pains, itching, crawling or tingling sensations.
Restless Legs Relief is a homeopathic product formulated with ingredients traditionally used for the symptomatic and temporary relief of symptoms of mild restless legs such as:
Uncontrollable leg movement
Night twitches
Jerking limbs
Itching, crawling or tingling sensations
Available in: 25mL Spray
Contains equal parts of:
Arsenicum album 6C
Rhus tox 6X
Causticum 12C
Lycopodium 6C
Zinc metallicum 12C
Tissue Salts:
Mag Phos 6X
Calc Phos 6X

Martin and Pleasance Restless Legs Relief Homeopathic Spray - 25ml

SKU: PH-62025
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