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Certified Organic
Product of Ireland
This natural seaweed is hand harvested by 4th generation harvesters along the shores of the Wild Atlantic Way.
Nori is the most commonly used edible seaweed. In fact, you may have had it more often than you realise since it goes by different names depending on what type of cuisine you�re dining on. While nori is what the Japanese call it, this versatile sea vegetable is also known as Sleabhanc�n in Ireland, laver in the British Isles, gim or kim in Korea, and zicai in China.
Ingredients: Organic Irish Seaweed � Nori (Porphyra Umbillicalis)

Nori Shaker Organic Milled 1 - 10mm 40g Wild Irish Seaweed

SKU: HV-NorShaWil40
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