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Golden turmeric, the queen of protective herbs whose nourishing yellow sustains life's majestic glow. This is a tea to celebrate life, lemon fruit, aromatic cardamom and whole leaf green tea expertly blended with one of nature's most powerful herbs. The elegance will leave you feeling renewed as each cup lets you don turmeric's shield. Ingredients: 100% organically grown and ethically sourced Ingredients: Turmeric root (40%), Suoi Gang green tea (20%), licorice root, cardamom pod, lemon Vana tulsi leaf, lemon essential oil flavour (6%), lemon whole (6%). 12% FairWildTM certified Ingredients (licorice) by dried weight.

Pukka Tea Bags - Turmeric Gold - 4 boxes

SKU: BO-PUK-010-10-TUG20
  • Pukka
  • United Kingdom
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