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Has just two natural ingredients - Monk Fruit Concentrate and natural vanilla flavour (derived from whole vanilla beans)
Has a delightful and concentrated sweetness            Size: 35ml
Serving size: 6 drops
Servings per container: 115
Ingredients: 100% Monk Fruit Concentrate (Siraitia grosvenorii), natural vanilla flavour (derived from whole vanilla bean)
Perfect for adding a sweet flavour to beverages and desserts without spiking your blood sugar 
Super concentrated with 115 serves per bottle!
Doesn�t raise blood sugar or feed candida yeast
Has zero carbs and zero glycemic index 
Is gluten, dairy and soy free 
Suggested Use: 
Approx 6 drops (roughly the sweetness of 1 tsp sugar) for sweetening beverages

Thankfully Nourished Monk Fruit Concentrate Vanilla 35ml

SKU: PEM-100176
  • Thankfully Nourished
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