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Morning tea, High Tea or lunch with your bestie this gorgeous Short Spiral Taper is perfect for special catch ups with family and friends.



~ Diameter 2cm

~ Height 17cm

~ Burn Time 4+ Hours

~ Weight 20g


Product Information

Individually hand made

Made from 100% Western Australian beeswax

Natural colour with seasonal variances

Natural light beeswax scent

Cotton Wick

Aluminium wick pin.

Beeswax Candle - Short Spiral Taper

  • Candles have Memory!  Make sure the first time you light your new candle you allow it to melt a wax pool that extends all the way to the outside of the candle.  This will prevent future tunnelling and flame drowning. 

    Do not allow your wick to get too long as the flame will get too large and over consume wax which may cause carbon to build up on the wick.  Trim your wick to ¼ of an inch as needed (especially in warmer weather) to optimize the burn. Please follow the Safety Guidelines

    Safety Guidelines

    Caution - Taper Candles are NOT base stable and will require a suitable candle holder or arbour for safe burning.  Before lighting remove all external packaging and place the candle on a fire proof surface.  Ensure your candle is positioned away from flammable upholstery and in a draft free space.  Keep out of reach of children and pets and never leave your burning candle unattended. 

    Avoid blowing out your candle to prevent dislodging live wick embers.  Alternatively, use a fire proof implement and dip the wick into the molten wax pool to extinguish the flame.  Stand the wick back up immediately and trim to ¼ of an inch while it is still warm for your next burn.

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