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BerryBreeze™ uses a patented timing sequence that releases a consistent level of activated oxygen (ozone)  throughout your refrigerator, so to prolong the freshness of foods, eliminate odors, and purify the area. 


BerryBreeze™ keeps your fruit and veggies fresh for longer by eliminating  ehtylene gas production.
BerryBreeze™ reduces waste!

BerryBreeze™ reduces plastic usage  - no need to wrap your produce in plastic, just put straight onto the shelf or into the criper.

BerryBreeze™ kills bacteria and reduces mould growth and odours. 


  • Would Definitely Recommend - Berry Breeze is brilliant! I spend a lot of money buying enough organic fruit and vegtables to keep up with my two growing baby boys and hungry hubby. I try to buy bulk but then you always have to worry about if you will get through it on time and so it's such a relief when my bulk bag of carrots are magically still crunchy 2 weeks later. Love my berry Breeze and would definitely recommend it to other people! - Aimee Crook 
  • This Product Is Truly Amazing!   I can't believe what a difference the Berry Breeze has made to my fridge. I have not used plastic bags to store any produce. Even a cut onion leaves no smell uncovered in the crisper. An unfinished salad still fresh for lunch the next day with NO PLASTIC WRAP. Now when I open my fridge its fresh and beautifully clean .This product is truly amazing! -  Dianne Garner


Berry Breeze Fridge Freshener

$49.00 Regular Price
$34.00Sale Price
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