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Aracaria Guides are a useful reference and learning tool for both the beginner and experienced gardener. Each fully laminated fold-out guide comes in a convenient A4 size and is richly illustrated in full colour.
A concise and informative overview of three fascinating subjects, presented in one eight page fold out chart with many colourful illustrations. The fascinating and grand 'Elements of Nature' section of this guide sets out the principles of dynamic growth, as-above-so-below, the water cycle, the carbon cycle, explains why we need to look after our soil, about top soil, soil layers and the food chain. 'Gardener's Knowhow' covers soil structure, Moon Planting, positioning the garden, crop rotation, companion planting, watering and feeding plants. 'Good Compost Making' discusses the process, position, maintenance of the pile, materials that go on into the pile, adding nitrogen and biodynamic composting.


The guide has been designed to be used in A4 format, made from durable, laminated card with three moving wheels, featuring bright detailed illustrations. A regular application and contemplation of the guide will help bring about a reconnection to the rhythms of nature and wonderment and joy for the mysteries of the world.

Elements of Nature Guide

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