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Regans Ridge Organic Mixed Natural Olives

Loally grown in Gin Gin


Ingredients: *olives, water, BFA registered salt, *olive oil, *apple cider vinegar
Gluten free, unpasteurised

*Certified Organic 

Regan's Ridge Organic Mixed Olives Natural 375g

SKU: IS-RROlivesNat
  • Since the first trees were planted in 1999, we have been passionate about producing olives and olive products the natural way. We are a family owned and operated grove of 23,000 olive trees planted on well drained, gently undulating terrain in ideal Mediterranean conditions. 

    We pride ourselves on allowing our olive trees to flourish organically, and are one of the only table olive producers nation-wide using the traditional Sicilian method. Our award-winning extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is cold-pressed on our property within 24 hours of harvest, to ensure optimal flavour and freshness. 

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