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Journey beyond Superfood with Cellfood, the breakthrough ionic trace mineral and nutrient formula & dissolved oxygen that represents a Quantum leap in micro nutrition. Cellfood is a uniquely created formulation that contains a wide array of plant-based and sea based nutrients in colloidal form. Cellfood provides an unsurpassed nutrient delivery system that may be absorbed in the body. 


Cellfood: is a truly unique combination of nutritional technologies. Cellfood provides a powerful, unsurpassed source of liquid nutrition and dissolved oxygen to the body containing super energised ionic minerals in the most bio-available and effective form known today.


Cellfood supplies micro nutrients to nourish the body and may help boost energy: Cellfood supplies naturally rich plant-based and sea-based micro nutrients many of which are not commonly found in today’s foods.

Cellfood delivers its nutrients in an ionic form: Because Cellfood’s nutrients are in a naturally ionic state – at an amazingly tiny 4 to 7 nanometers in size – they may be absorbed quickly and efficiently.


Ingredients: Purified Water, Cellfood Blend (Trace Minerals From Sea Water, Mineral Spring Water, Fossilised Plants, Lithothamium Calcreum Extract*), Rice Vinegar, Dissolved Oxygen. *Containing Plant Sourced Amino Acids And Enzymes.


Cellfood comes in a 30 ml unbreakable BPA-Free bottle

Cellfood Original Concentrate 30mls

  • As each person’s body is unique, along with our life’s circumstances, Cellfood serving suggestions are just that … a suggestion. Start slowly, this allows the body to absorb the unique nutrients in Cellfood. Normally you would start with 1-3 drops 30 minutes before meals 3 times daily. Work your way up to the optimal serving of 24 drops daily. This may take a week or two. *Sensitive people can consume as little as one drop per day if necessary.

    Mix it with water or juice daily as recommended for a full 30 day supply! (1 bottle makes 22 litres)

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